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Holland Stone

Introducing Four New Colors

Charcoal, Israel Pewter, Buff, & Pewter colors that are now available! See them turn from day to night in front of your eyes!

Holland Stone Solar Concrete Pavers™ offer old-world charm in a simple, utilitarian paver shape. This paver is the practical choice for a variety of residential and commercial installations. They are commonly used for pool decks, walkways, driveways, pedestrian malls, terraces, patios, and more. Exceptional strength and durability combine with a range of captivating Glow Path aggregate add to Holland Stone’s popularity.

Holland Stone Glow Path Paver

Holland Stone Solar Concrete Pavers and its 4″ x 8″ rectangular shape can be installed in many patterns to produce simple or intricate designs offering the potential for a great number of architectural effects. This traditional paver looks great in historical and contemporary applications alike. The rectangular shape fits well in several laying patterns. Holland stone is also readily used as an accent in borders, headers, and detail bands.

All Solar Concrete Pavers use a specialized manufacturing process that creates a durable paver while providing a striking visual effect.




Paver Size
3-7/8” x 7-7/8”
(100mm x 200mm)
Thickness2-23/64” (60mm)
Pavers Per Sq. Ft.4.6
Pavers Per Pallet480
Coverage Per Pallet104 sq. ft.
Weight Per Piece5.8 lbs.
Weight Per Pallet2,815 lbs.


Laying Patterns

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