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Solar Pavers leading into the Garage
Solar Pavers around the pool
Solar Pavers installed outside of home
Solar Pavers installed on stairs
Solar Pavers

A Revolutionary Solar Product for the Landscaping and Paving-Stone Industries


The Glow Path

SOLAR CONCRETE PAVERS magically absorb the sun's energy during the day to give your property a unique, radiant glow at night! Our Solar Pavers offer a clean, modern design aesthetic during the daylight, and will illuminate dark areas around your home or business once the sun goes down. They're perfect for accenting your existing landscape designs, or breathing new life into all of your patios, pool-areas, gardens, pathways, walkways or any other outdoor areas where more natural lighting is desired.

Let Yourself Glow!

Our Patented Solar Concrete Paver's brilliant, luminescent-aggregate technology radiates natural, stored light-energy and can glow for 6 - 8 hours! These Solar Pavers will reduce the need for artificial light and with a 15 + year lifespan, will light the way around your home or business for years to come!

The Glow Path Solar Concrete Pavers are made in America and we use cutting-edge solar technology to embed solar aggregates into the brick paver itself. Unlike other designs, our concrete pavers are NOT surface-coated with spray-on coating so the solar absorbent will NEVER flake off!

All of our Pavers are 100% Guaranteed and go through rigorous charge/discharge testing. After tens of thousands of tests, our pavers have never failed... they just keep glowing and glowing and glowing!

Get Your Glow On!

Set The
Neighborhood Trend

Set The
Neighborhood Trend

Set The
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